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By combining actuarial, statistical and machine learning approaches, we use data to bring to light the health needs of populations and a more comprehensive approach to capturing health impacts and costs of chronic diseases and their related conditions. We support the transition to provide optimum services today – care pathways, preventive approaches or therapeutics – for a healthier tomorrow. 

ONS Health Index

See the health index in your area, how it has changed over time and compares to other local authorities.

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NHS waiting list tracker

Explore our interactive tracker to see how waiting lists for NHS services vary across England.

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CVD rapid analysis dashboard

Discover insights into unmet needs in cardiovascular healthcare

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Health & wealth explorer

Gain rapid insight into how both health and wealth varies across England.

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T2DM comorbidity explorer

Explore the prevalence of comorbidities in the Type 2 Diabetes population and the impact on healthcare resource and costs.

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