Data integration
and interactive visualisations


With increasingly large health and health-related datasets it can be difficult to cut through the noise and glean the insights that are most relevant to inform decisions.

We integrate a wealth of health and health-related datasets and develop bespoke interactive visualisations to make it accessible and rapid for clients to glean insights across a range of areas.

Integrating market-leading health analytics with technology

Integrating market-leading health analytics with technology

Explore our publicly-available health dashboards to see how we integrate real world datasets and health analytics to develop dynamic, interactive data visualisations.

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Data integration and visualisations

  • We integrate a range of publicly available and application-based datasets to leverage respective strengths of each in order to provide a more comprehensive overview of the health needs and illness patterns of populations and patient groups.
  • We develop a range of bespoke visualisations including ‘heat maps’ to identify variations in health need or access across geographies, therapeutic areas or other patient level characteristics.

Subscription products

  • We develop subscription products, such as our NHS Waiting List Tracker, that provides regular data updates, tailored to client’s evidence needs to provide ongoing and up-to-date insights.

Integration of evidence

  • With increasing volumes of relevant evidence it can be a challenge to coordinate this across broad portfolios. We work with clients to integrate all of their existing evidence into a bespoke Evidence Synthesis Hub which provides a visually accessible repository of evidence in a range of interactive dashboards.


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Multimorbidity, living with two or more conditions is one of the biggest challenges facing patients and health systems today. We leverage real world datasets and innovative approaches to generate evidence that identifies patient groups with the greatest unmet needs in a more holistic manner that reflects the drivers of ill health.

Supporting our clients to achieve equitable health outcomes is a golden thread throughout our work. We combine our expertise to translate evidence into change and apply population health analytics to help reduce inequalities in health and health outcomes.

We apply scientific rigour to evaluate the economic and clinical value of healthcare interventions using both traditional and innovative perspectives and methods.

Explore our publicly-available health dashboards to see how we take real world datasets and develop dynamic, interactive data visualisations.

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