Getting the investment strategy right is the most important task to help ensure good members’ outcomes – in both DB and DC pensions.  After the strategy, deciding on the right investment managers is a crucial job for trustees.  

Our many years of experience has taught us that each pension scheme has its own set of unique circumstances, faces different challenges and needs a bespoke journey plan to get to its destination. We take the time to understand your scheme and your goals and put together a strategy that suits your needs. 

What differentiates us?

In a world full of noise, we cut through the jargon and present things clearly and understandably.

We pride ourselves on being practical and we focus on getting a good investment strategy in place, so you get the benefits as soon as possible without having long discussions about irrelevant details. 

We are truly independent, so we don’t have a single “house view” and we don’t push specific financial products. As we’re not linked to asset managers, we don’t have a stake in particular financial solutions – our clients find this important as they know they are getting the right solutions for them.  

How we can help

Our investment team works with trustees of DB and DC schemes to set bespoke investment strategies and select fund managers. With us you will:

  • Have confidence you are getting truly independent advice because we have no asset management products
  • Feel in control because we always explain things clearly
  • Have clarity on what you are trying to achieve and how to get there because we always start by focusing on objectives and strategy

Bespoke technology solutions

Our technology allows you to quickly understand complex interactions and make decisions straight away - allowing you to be nimble and take advantage of market opportunities or take early, corrective action, if necessary.

  • LCP Visualise gives DB Pension schemes real-time insight on the important issues and the impact of changes to your strategy
  • LCP Horizon allows DC schemes to meet governance, communication and investment needs, and take measurable actions to help members
  • LCP Spotlight provides real-time metrics on your investments, both at asset class and manager level, to easily evaluate how well your strategy and managers are working

Using our market-leading technology, we help you navigate your journey by providing you with clear, actionable insights which enable you to make better short and long-term investment decisions.

LCP Spotlight

We provide tailored advice using our fully-integrated advisory approach. What this means for you: 

  • You benefit from the newest and most relevant investment ideas through our Manager Research Programme, your advisers also research and assess the managers available to you. This ensures that information and ideas flow both ways. and we communicate clients’ needs and experiences back to the investment managers to develop new products.
  • Manage a more thorough variety of investment risks using our responsible investment criteria, leading to more sustainable long-term returns. We are signatories of PRI, UK Stewardship Code and NZICI which acknowledge the importance of environmental, social and governance issues to pension scheme investments.
  • You have access to research on investment managers and markets across the world through our role as the UK and European partner in the Global Investment Research Alliance.


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How we can help

We help central banks design and implement investment strategies to get the most out of their reserves in a risk-controlled manner. 

We help charities and endowments construct investment strategies and pick the right investment funds to both meet their financial objectives and be aligned with their missions.

We help our clients to maintain a competitive edge by improving their investment strategies, generating extra returns in a risk-controlled way.

We can help you easily evaluate how well your strategy and managers are working, in real-time, with LCP SpotLight.

Our intuitive, real-time pensions technology allows you to see the information you need when you need it, helping you to make decisions.

The LCP Wealth Drawdown tool is designed to help advisers explore the impact of charges and other factors on your pension in drawdown.

Setting a good investment strategy and picking the right funds is fundamental for wealth managers and advisers to be able to deliver better outcomes for their clients. Our role is to advise clients on investment strategy and fund manager selection bringing institutional discipline to the retail market.

We help our clients understand and implement responsible investment principles.

Every sovereign wealth fund has its own unique circumstances and challenges. As an independent consultancy, we’re not linked to any asset manager and we don’t sell investment products.

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