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Whether your objective is to save for future generations or generate returns to support your local economy, our bespoke approach to setting investment strategies can help you achieve your goals. 

Every sovereign wealth fund has its own unique circumstances and challenges. As an independent consultancy, we’re not linked to any asset manager and we don’t sell investment products. This means we’re free to develop and recommend strategies that are tailored to your specific needs, free from any conflicts.

We have experience in working with a diverse set of institutional clients with long investment horizons, including sovereign wealth funds, insurers, pension schemes and endowments. Our experience, alongside our market-leading technology, can help you make good decisions quickly and ensure that you make the best use of your assets.

How we help our clients

Set your investment strategy

Our team has a proven track record in helping our clients set investment objectives, put in place effective investment strategies and react to changing circumstances. Understanding the interaction of the sovereign wealth fund assets with other local economic factors is often a key area of focus for our clients. We can help you develop efficient investment strategies that help you achieve your long-term objective while carefully managing risk.

Bespoke technology solutions

Technology is at the heart of our advice. We create bespoke technology solutions, whether that is integrating our systems with existing technology or developing new technology to help our clients work more efficiently.

We have developed real-time portfolio and risk monitoring software, LCP Monitor for our sovereign wealth fund clients which gives full transparency on how the assets are performing and the flexibility for their in-house teams to adapt and customise the reporting to suit their needs.

Manager research and selection

We also help our clients select and review their investment managers. We provide tailored advice using our full-integrated advisory approach. What this means for you:

  • You have access to the latest research on investment managers and markets across the world through our role as the UK and European partner in the Global Investment Research Alliance.
  • The people advising you are the same people who research and assess the managers available to you. Our manager research programme means that information and ideas flow both ways. You benefit from the newest and most relevant investment ideas, and we communicate clients’ needs and experiences back to the investment managers to develop new products.
  • We work hard to negotiate and drive down investment management fees as far as possible for our clients to ensure they get value for money. Over the long term, even small fee reductions can quickly add up to sizeable savings. With over $250bn in assets under advisory, we are able to negotiate with investment managers from a position of strength.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) principles are built into our research process, allowing us to tailor our recommendations according to your priorities. We enable our clients to effectively integrate their ESG requirements into their investment strategy through several ways including climate scenario modelling, ESG-focused dashboards and influencing the design of ESG-focused funds.


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How we can help

We help central banks design and implement investment strategies to get the most out of their reserves in a risk-controlled manner. 

We help charities and endowments construct investment strategies and pick the right investment funds to both meet their financial objectives and be aligned with their missions.

We help our clients to maintain a competitive edge by improving their investment strategies, generating extra returns in a risk-controlled way.

LCP Monitor gives you real-time metrics on your investments – both at asset class and manager level.

Our investment team works with trustees of DB and DC schemes to set bespoke investment strategies and select fund managers. Using our market-leading technology, we help you navigate your journey by providing you with clear, actionable insights which enable you to make better short and long-term investment decisions.  

Setting a good investment strategy and picking the right funds is fundamental for wealth managers and advisers to be able to deliver better outcomes for their clients. Our role is to advise clients on investment strategy and fund manager selection bringing institutional discipline to the retail market.

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