Season 3 Episode 13:
FYI with Maria Nazarova-Doyle

Our viewpoint

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In this week's episode, we’re talking big themes with Scottish Widow’s Head of Pensions, Investment & RI Maria Nazarova-Doyle. We catch up on Maria’s time at COP26 and hear her reflections on it, what she is thinking about the Net Zero transition over the next decade, and how this will influence the £170bn of assets run by Scottish Widows (lookout for an announcement in Q1!).

We go on to talk about some of the big changes Maria expects over the next decade, including an exciting announcement about a new member communications feature being launched by Scottish Widows which could pave the way for investing as a more personalised service.

We discuss: 

1.  The Net Zero transition in general over the next decade and what it means specifically for investors:  

  • Maria’s more positive reflection on her time up in Glasgow for COP26 
  • The power of Net Zero as a unifying mission that everyone can get behind 
  • What’s underappreciated vs overdone  
  • How to think about opportunities – what Maria is seeing that might be interesting to individual investors 
  • Scottish Widows’ forthcoming announcement on the Net Zero detailed plan 

2.  How Maria thinks the industry might evolve over the next ten years:

  • More personalisation to individuals, with individuals taking a bigger interest in what they are invested in  
  • Shift to sustainability 
  • The DB/DC shift, who are the influential asset owners of the future going to be? 
  • Maria reflects on some of the big trends she’s seen during her time in the industry 

3.  Does the pension/investment industry need to do a better job of communicating with people (and how ?):

  • The forthcoming launch by Scottish Widows of several features in their app for individuals which allow individual investors to look at their investments’ impact, and start to better communicate with them/get to know them

One thing to take away

The power that people have with their savings – so many people in the UK are investors now through auto-enrolment, should think like investors and take an interest in what they are invested in.

The most underappreciated thing about investing

How easy it is to start investing. You don’t need special skills or lots of money, a lot of people could think more about investing. 


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