Season 3 Episode 15:
The 2021 wrap

Our viewpoint

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In the final episode of 2021, Mary and Dan sit down to review the year through the lens of four key stats, three people who defined the year, and two recommendations. They also reveal the top three most downloaded episodes of the year.

Our top 3 episodes of the year:

Book for next week to review:

Four stats that sum up the year:


  • 67 … and still counting [number of new S&P 500 highs]
  • $1trn [$2trn]: 5 companies hitting this market cap milestone now (unthinkable 5 years ago)
  • 2850 number of IPOs so far this year, eclipsing record from 2007
  • -5.5%: the largest drawdown of the MSCI ACWI index this year


  • 123: millions of vaccines administered in the UK (to mid-December), but need to be conscious of other parts of the world with less access to vaccines
  • 7,500: number of cryptocurrencies in 2021 (vs 66 in 2013). Bitcoin accepted as legal tender in El Salvador
  • 7.1%: increase in RPI over the year to November 2021
  • 0 – tweets from Donald Trump since 8 January. A reminder of how we started the year, amid US election drama

Three people that defined the year:


  • Cathie Wood (represents two distinct tiers of tech which is the way to think about it now
  • Albert Bourla, (CEO of Pfizer - $33bn in vaccine revenues, anti-viral pill. mRNA for the future of health)
  • Vlad Tenev (Robinhood) - IPOs and memestocks trends. Power of retail investors


  • Greta Thunberg (Mary’s figure to represent COP26)
  • Elon Musk (whether you love or hate him, he was miles ahead on electric car trend)
  • Boris Johnson (ditto above on love or hate, but hard to get away from the fact that he’s defined our year from a personal perspective in the UK)

Two Recommendations

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