Season 3 Episode 35:
GROW your decisions with Naomi L'Estrange

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This week we’re joined by MD of 2020 trustees Naomi L’Estrange. We discuss her top tips and frameworks for better decision making (including the GROW model), what she’s seen work in investing and why the biggest risk might be risk aversion and not making decisions. We also cover reviewing underperforming managers in today’s environment and we also reflect on the role of diversity in decision making and investment generally.

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We discuss:

  • We get under the bonnet of Naomi's coaching model, GROW. This breaks down as: Goal - what are you trying to achieve, Reality - what are the facts you are dealing with and what resources do we need, options - what are the various things you could do and will - what can we commit to, who will do it and by when
  • Reflections on 40 years of 20-20 Trustees – what’s changed and what’s remained the same?
  • Naomi’s top tips for effective decision making and the common pitfalls to look out for 
  • How to manage a group of decision makers
  • Specific takeaways/observations for investing – things that have worked vs things that haven’t worked
  • Important investment principles that Naomi likes to follows
  • Naomi’s views on the role of the professional trustee and the idea of professionalising decision making
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – why it matters, where we are and what needs to happen next
  • Naomi’s top priorities over the next 12 months including ESG issues around challenging managers and consultants on data and digging into some of the models being used

What's one thing to take away?

If you’re bored of people talking about ESG you probably aren’t thinking hard enough about it.

What's the most underappreciated thing about investing?

You have more influence than you think as an investor – you may think you’re only a small voice but most say nothing so if you have something clear to say you will get heard. The things you put in contracts, the data you ask managers to report on, things that go in targets, guidelines.

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