Integrated omics


We  leverage large-scale human omics data and cutting-edge analytical techniques to improve the speed and cost-efficiency of drug development for our clients.  

Why does this matter?

Drug development is currently inefficient and expensive, with lengthy timelines and high failure rates. Coupled with the growing prevalence of multimorbidity and polypharmacy, the imperative for reducing healthcare and medication costs is constantly growing.

Human genetic data can offer an answer to this problem. Genes code for proteins, which make up the majority of drug targets. It follows that naturally occurring genetic variation in the genes coding for drug target proteins can be used to study the effects of their pharmacological perturbation. By leveraging these variants within the Mendelian randomization paradigm, it is possible to evaluate drug target safety, biomarkers of target engagement and mechanism of action, efficacy, and repurposing opportunity.

The time is now

The current era of academic research means that we now have large-scale genome-wide association study summary data, for millions of individuals, freely available on the internet. Many thousands of clinical traits, proteins, and metabolites have been studied. These numbers give only a hint of the level of insight and granularity that can be offered through integration of multi-omics. Coupled with LCP’s existing cloud computing infrastructure and web interface applications to analyse and interpret the data, there is unprecedented potential for our clients to gain pivotal insights to inform disease mechanisms and the effects of drug targets.

How we can help you

We provide insights across the medicine life cycle through several service offerings. These include leveraging large-scale genomics data to provide drug target evaluations across the pharmaceutical and investment sectors, integrating genomics with broader omics data to uncover disease biology towards identifying novel therapeutic targets, and triangulating causal inferences drawn from human genetic data with real-world evidence and health economics analyses.  A multi-disciplinary approach that brings together expertise across clinical medicine, pharmacology, drug development, statistics, genetic epidemiology, cloud computing and multi-dimensional data is fundamental to solving the drug development paradigm for our clients.

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Supporting our clients to achieve equitable health outcomes is a golden thread throughout our work. We combine our expertise to translate evidence into change and apply population health analytics to help reduce inequalities in health and health outcomes.

We apply scientific rigour to evaluate the economic and clinical value of healthcare interventions using both traditional and innovative perspectives and methods.

We integrate a wealth of health and health-related datasets and develop bespoke interactive visualisations to make it accessible and rapid for clients to glean insights across a range of areas.

Multimorbidity, living with two or more conditions is one of the biggest challenges facing patients and health systems today. We leverage real world datasets and innovative approaches to generate evidence that identifies patient groups with the greatest unmet needs in a more holistic manner that reflects the drivers of ill health.

Explore our publicly-available health dashboards to see how we take real world datasets and develop dynamic, interactive data visualisations.

We understand  that developing a comprehensive Real-World Evidence (RWE) strategy is not just a necessity, but a game-changer for life science companies. Leveraging our deep expertise, we help our clients develop holistic strategies that plan for all RWE needs across all stages of the medicine lifecycle.

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