Our vision
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About us

Powering possibility

We fuse human expertise with powerful analytics to shape a more positive future for our clients and people. Our values underpin this and help us find the right solutions for you.

We are Curious

What we know now will get us to tomorrow, but a lens of curiosity will take us far beyond that. That’s why we question the status quo by looking at the data and analysing different angles and possible outcomes. This makes us better at what we do and delivers better solutions for you (and probably makes us more interesting to talk to!) 

We are Accountable

The way we work, and the decisions we are involved in, impact people, the world we live in and our collective future. We approach our work with this responsibility in mind and it means that you can have confidence that our advice stands up to scrutiny and that we share your ambitions for a better future.   

We are Connected

We strive to create human connection in everything we do. It makes working with us more fun, and helps us to uncover better solutions for you. We participate fully in the wider world around us, both across our professional landscape and with our local communities. The feeling of being greater than the sum of our parts is our core ambition. 

We are Agile

The one constant in our world is change, so we are set up to be able to move quickly and decisively. From adapting our advice in response to changing policy, developing new tools to make decisions quicker and easier to working in a bespoke way to respond to your individual needs, we are a supportive partner in a changing, fast moving world.  

Industry focus and international expertise

We have industry experts with extensive experience in key sectors and we have specialists with the ability to help multinational clients make decisions across their network. Find out about our worldwide partners here.

LCP CARES - our promise to our clients, our colleagues and the wider community 

Watch the video to find out more about working with LCP and our client promise.