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Updated waiting list figures from NHS England for June 2021, analysis from LCP's NHS Waiting List Tracker

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The number on the waiting list increased from 5.3 million in May 2021 to 5.4 million in June 2021.

This is now 29% higher than before the pandemic began (March 2020).

The number waiting a year or more for treatment has decreased for the third month in a row from 336,733 to 304,803.

There are now 85,954 waiting more than 18 months for treatment (a 9% increase from May 21) and 3,927 waiting at least 2 years (a 46% increase from May 21).

Orthopaedics continues to have the largest waiting list at 668,763.

Large regional inequalities persist across the waiting list with the number of people waiting 52 weeks or more for orthopaedics now just over 100 times higher in Norfolk and Waveney than North East Lincolnshire.

Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Head of Health Analytics at LCP commented:

“The latest waiting list data from NHS England paints a mixed picture. There is good news in that the number waiting more than 1-year has reduced by 9% since last month and by more than 25% over the past three months despite the total number on waiting lists continuing to increase. In contrast to the 52 week waiters, the numbers waiting more than 18 months and 2-years continues to increase and the persistent regional inequalities in waiting list numbers and particularly those waiting more than 1-year is concerning. The new Secretary of State has made waiting lists one of his major priorities. He must ensure additional resources are targeted at the areas with most unmet need to ensure inequalities do not worsen further as a legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

To explore the latest NHS Waiting List data please click here.

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