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Andrew Pijper


I am a qualified actuary in the Health Analytics department, with a combined 5 years of experience across Health Analytics and previously DB Pensions. I apply techniques from health economics and actuarial science to analyse health inequalities and model clinical, financial and public health outcomes.

My projects have included:

  • Tracking the geographical spread of Covid-19 over 2020-21.
  • Analysing and projecting the size of NHS waiting lists for elective care and quantifying the economic benefits of reducing these waiting lists.
  • Modelling clinical and financial outcomes under a hypothetical Outcome Based Agreement for cancer medication.
  • Projecting future total government healthcare costs and their interaction with population health, productivity and inflation.
  • Analysing the impact of geographical inequalities and increased waiting times on outcomes for cancer patients through survival modelling.

I enjoy finding new ways to help clients and tackle public health challenges by combining my knowledge of traditional actuarial methods with the increasing availability of large datasets and emerging data science techniques.