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Isobel Garside

Senior Consultant

I joined LCP’s specialist trustee secretarial and governance consulting team in early 2020, bringing 20+ years’ experience of DB and DC gained across in-house and TPA environments covering governance, communication, administration, training and technical domains. This positions me well to manage the diverse responsibilities, interdependencies and challenges of today’s professional trustee secretary and pension scheme manager.

At LCP my client portfolio covers a range of scheme sizes, situations and needs. I work to build effective, trusting relationships, collaborating with clients to help guide and effectively deliver annual and longer-term business agendas aligned to their journey plan objectives. Being conscious that clients are busy with separate day jobs in addition to their trustee responsibilities, I aim to adopt a style of working and communication tailored to their needs, ensuring they can be confident they are receiving a focussed, quality service.

As well as running pension trustee boards focussed on augmenting their effectiveness, recent project work has encompassed the design and delivery of a cross-scheme member and business communication programme linked to a scheme merger project, along with evaluating and implementing opportunities to evolve trustee governance arrangements against the backdrop of evolving regulatory expectations.

I am a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute.

LCP is expertly informed on pension fund administration, regulation, risk and investment options to support the future direction of the fund.

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