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Jacob Shah


I’m a Partner in LCP’s Investment team. I’ve been advising clients since 2015; helping them reach their long-term goals and manage risk by providing clear, tailored advice.

I help my clients focus on what really matters in a straightforward way and use our in-house models extensively to achieve this. My clients range in size from around £50m to £15bn, with my work covering a whole spectrum of investment issues including investment strategy, manager selection and performance measurement.

To my clients, I bring my expertise in designing investment strategies and modelling pension schemes. I sit on LCP’s central Investment Strategy Group, which works on developing cutting edge investment strategies across our entire client base. In addition, I am a key member of LCP’s Asset Class Assumptions Group and have spent a number of years developing LCP’s technology.

I was recognised for my work at LCP with firmwide “LCP CARES” awards for inspiring others in 2017, making “stuff” happen in 2020 and my collaboration efforts in 2021. I qualified as a Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary in 2019, qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 2018 and graduated with a first-class master's degree in Physics from Oxford University in 2015.

LCP is expertly informed on pension fund administration, regulation, risk and investment options to support the future direction of the fund.

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