LCP Vista Spring
2023: A new landscape


In 2022, markets were rocked by the first global interest-rate tightening cycle in over a decade which brought a sudden end to ten years of ultra-low interest rates and led to a sharp repricing of risk-free rates with global repercussions across assets.

As we move into the springtime of 2023, with inflation now falling and interest rate rising cycles close to peaking, the picture for asset owners is different.

In this edition of Vista, we’re helping investors set their strategy and assess opportunities in a new landscape – we are still expecting a bumpy road ahead!

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Who's Vista for?

Vista is for anyone thinking about the challenges and approaches to long-term investing, including investment teams and decision-makers at pension funds, wealth managers, endowments, charities and sovereign funds.

Some highlights from our magazine include:

  • Jennifer Davidson looks at the impact of higher expected returns on portfolios
  • Norbert Fullerton looks at how sovereign investors use reference portfolios to enhance asset allocation decisions and drive investment performance to new heights
  • Jonathan Wolff surveys the current landscape for UK plc and assesses prospects for different sectors
  • Nikki Matthews reviews some fundamentals of fund investing
  • Ian Gamon looks at small caps
  • Tom Farrell takes a deep dive into ETFs
  • Ashley Mould looks at the economics of football clubs as an investment
  • Plus, much more!

How we can help

We help central banks design and implement investment strategies to get the most out of their reserves in a risk-controlled manner. 

We help charities and endowments construct investment strategies and pick the right investment funds to both meet their financial objectives and be aligned with their missions.

We help our clients to maintain a competitive edge by improving their investment strategies, generating extra returns in a risk-controlled way.

Our investment team works with trustees of DB and DC schemes to set bespoke investment strategies and select fund managers. Using our market-leading technology, we help you navigate your journey by providing you with clear, actionable insights which enable you to make better short and long-term investment decisions.  

Setting a good investment strategy and picking the right funds is fundamental for wealth managers and advisers to be able to deliver better outcomes for their clients. Our role is to advise clients on investment strategy and fund manager selection bringing institutional discipline to the retail market.

Every sovereign wealth fund has its own unique circumstances and challenges. As an independent consultancy, we’re not linked to any asset manager and we don’t sell investment products.