Laura Amin

Laura Amin

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I advise both trustees and sponsors on a wide range of pensions issues, providing clarity on what can often be a complex subject matter.

I support my clients to manage their pensions costs and risks in the context of their objectives; delivering better member outcomes for Trustees and supporting the broader business agenda for my corporate clients.

More recently my advice has focussed on supporting Trustees and corporates in developing a route for their scheme’s journey to its end-game, managing the associated cost and risk exposures along the way.

I am also involved in the development of LCP Advance, delivering full services in an efficient manner to professional Trustees through the use of our dashboard technology and streamlined reporting.

I am one of LCP's AI experts - discover our latest thinking on today’s evolving AI landscape here.

Laura and the LCP team are providing us with outstanding support in developing our journey plan. They are particularly skilled at: producing clear and thought-provoking material to facilitate discussions; active listening; and being solution-agnostic so that we can be confident that our journey plan will be appropriate for our underlying strategic drivers.

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We provide individual and high quality actuarial advice, taking a collaborative approach between trustees, employer and advisers, to ensure a focus on good member outcomes.

Contingent funding approaches are rapidly becoming more widespread. They can be a great way to protect member benefits as well as the shareholders and other creditors of the sponsoring employer.

We help both trustees and sponsors prepare for and deal with corporate change.

We help make governance simple and effective so that you can make decisions and act on opportunities quickly.

We help pension scheme trustees and sponsors to determine the ultimate destination for their scheme and help them put together a plan to get there, including how to effectively manage the risks they face along the way.

We help trustees achieve their strategic goals, with solution-led, appropriate advice.