Employee wellbeing:
Supporting good financial futures


LCP’s financial wellbeing research is in its fourth year and is highlighting some interesting trends. These include rising levels of stress and anxiety, growing concern around everyday money management, and an increase in those feeling a lack of control about their financial future.

As we continue to move through uncertain times, it’s never been more important to take time to consider your strategy for employee wellbeing. The final section of this report contains useful guidance and a handy checklist to support you on that journey.

What's inside?

The challenges for everyday money management - employees are having to make tough decisions to manage their finances to cope with rising living costs 

  • Changing attitudes to money and the impact on behaviour both inside and outside of the workplace 
  • Financial resilience - how can we support employees to build their financial capability for today and tomorrow? 
  • Supporting employees - where do they go for help and guidance and what role does the organisation play?

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How we can help

Your most important asset is your employees, so it’s vital you look after their financial health to boost the success of your business.

We help you get the best value out of your DC scheme and ensure the best possible outcomes for members. 

We help you maximise employee engagement and ensure good member outcomes.

We help you define and implement your DC strategy.

Creating conversations to support good financial futures

Creating conversations to support good financial futures


This webinar on April 18 explores our findings from our latest financial wellbeing report and what the role of the workplace can and should be in supporting employees.

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