Employee wellbeing
– Why good financial health is a win win


The nation’s wellbeing has been hit hard over recent years, and now with the cost of living spiralling, the impacts on employees and consequently employers is clear to see. We surveyed 10,000 UK employees and 500 organisations to enable us to highlight the synergies and disconnects between these groups.
This report dissects the impacts of financial pressures on employees and highlights how employers can best support their workforce.

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What’s inside? 

  • How the wellbeing landscape has evolved – more than half said they have struggled to cope with daily life which is a significant increase on previous years
  • The role and developments of workplace benefits as featured in the BBC 
  • The impacts of rising levels of stress and anxiety – more than 3 in 4 have been affected by stress in the last year which is affecting productivity and behaviour in the workplace 
  • The importance of building financial confidence and capability – 1 in 5 would class themselves as vulnerable or in crisis with their money management 
  • Maximising the power of data to shape organisational strategy

Plus much more.

We are truly enthusiastic about helping to improve the nation’s financial health and helping companies design, communicate and implement fantastic wellbeing offerings. We hope you enjoy the report and find the addition of insights and reaction from LCP experts to be of benefit and we look forward to discussing the findings with you.

explains Heidi Allan, Head of Financial Wellbeing, and author of the report.

How we can help

Your most important asset is your employees, so it’s vital you look after their financial health to boost the success of your business.

We help you get the best value out of your DC scheme and ensure the best possible outcomes for members. 

We help you maximise employee engagement and ensure good member outcomes.

We help you define and implement your DC strategy.

Employee Wellbeing – Supporting good financial futures

Employee Wellbeing – Supporting good financial futures

LCP’s financial wellbeing research is in its fourth year and is highlighting some interesting trends. These include rising levels of stress and anxiety, growing concern around everyday money management, and an increase in those feeling a lack of control about their financial future.

Explore the interactive report