Sole Mates or
Soul Mates?


This report highlights recent trends and developments in the Professional Trustee market, the drivers of growth, evolution of delivery models and looks at the opportunities and threats in the future.  

Insights from TPR, David Fairs and our respondents point towards a drive for increased regulation around trustee accreditation for risk mitigation of the Professional Trustee offering and associated services.

The theme of this year’s survey is ‘MORE’ given the growth we have seen in the industry over the last three years. 

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What's inside?

  • An overview of the current PT and PCST landscape
  • What the growth in the market means for trustees and sponsors
  • Insights into Professional Trustee delivery models
  • Outlook on upcoming regulation on the back of recent and upcoming legislations
  • Insights into how Professional Trustees address DE&I on boards and within their respective companies

How we can help

We provide individual and high quality actuarial advice, taking a collaborative approach between trustees, employer and advisers, to ensure a focus on good member outcomes.

We help trustees achieve their strategic goals, with solution-led, appropriate advice.

We help sponsors of pension schemes understand and manage the costs and risks associated with supporting their current and legacy pension schemes as well as other employee benefits.

We help trustees understand and monitor the employer covenant.

We help make governance simple and effective so that you can make decisions and act on opportunities quickly.

We help pension scheme trustees and sponsors to determine the ultimate destination for their scheme and help them put together a plan to get there, including how to effectively manage the risks they face along the way.