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LCP FixtureHub –  New platform that will be a game changer when it comes to how sports teams arrange fixtures 

Sports Fixturehub Technology

LCP FixtureHub is a new innovative user-friendly online platform, which can transform how sports teams arrange fixtures or tournaments with each other outside of their league schedules.

LCP FixtureHub is now available to sports federations, governing bodies and club associations to adopt for the benefit of their member teams. It has a number of intuitive features that give teams maximum flexibility and utility when arranging their matchups.

Instead of the traditional approach of using existing contacts at other teams or paying a match agent, those who arrange fixtures for a team can have easy access to a wide range of potential opponents via LCP FixtureHub.

LCP FixtureHub enables users to:

  • Search for opponents with availability using selected criteria – for example, range of dates, strength, desire to play home/away and willingness to travel up to a certain distance
  • Propose fixtures to preferred opponents
  • Chat to potential opponents via the platform
  • Auto-complete documents required by, for example, regional federations and governing bodies
  • Access the platform via mobile or desktop
  • Organise tournaments, which can be visible to either all users or only those receiving an invite

LCP FixtureHub is not intended to be an off-the-shelf solution – a project with us will lead to development of a bespoke FixtureHub platform for your organisation and teams. A key part of the initial development process therefore involves us working with you to understand the specific needs of users and your organisation.

An organisation may want certain information from LCP FixtureHub so they can understand how users are operating. This can be done via LCP FixtureHub’s administration portal. The administration portal allows an organisation to, for example, monitor usage, add or remove teams, and identify trends in how the platform is being used.

LCP has designed LCP FixtureHub to be simple to use, with easy navigation between tasks and an attractive, clear user interface and user experience. It will be especially powerful for organisations which use any kind of relative strength rating between teams, such as ELO rankings, but the platform can be effectively used without this functionality.

To see how LCP FixtureHub works, watch the video:

Ashley Mould, Senior Consultant in LCP’s Sport Analytics team, commented: "LCP have a strong track record of building new and innovative technology across different sectors and building bespoke solutions that deliver.

"We are confident that LCP FixtureHub will be a game-changer and will form a key component of how teams conduct their business in the future. It’s easy to use but crucially it will be a bespoke solution that will meet the specific needs of the teams of each sports organisation that adopts it."

To find out more about LCP FixtureHub, contact the Sport Analytics team at LCP.

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