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Edward Symes


I am a proactive scheme actuary who leads a wide range of trustee and corporate clients. I am a strong all-rounder and help my clients solve their problems in a pragmatic and commercial way.

I enjoy getting to know my clients really well and building relationships over the long term. I then work with them to help them achieve their objectives for their pension arrangements. This can include smaller milestones, such as agreeing a good funding plan for a valuation to bigger milestones like executing their endgames through reaching full insurance or running a Scheme on.

Some recent highlights include helping a client with a distressed sponsor carry out an accelerated insurance process to secure member benefits, advising on how to use surplus to provide additional increases and helping a client halve their funding deficit and investment risk.

Internally I am the Head of London actuarial people with responsibility for pay, promotions, recruitment and resourcing. I am passionate about bringing on the next generation of actuaries and take time to invest in the development of our people.

I joined LCP in 2005 as a graduate and had an unusual route into becoming an actuary, having studied history at university.

If you distil everything about LCP down to one thing, it is 'I trust what they are telling us'.

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