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S1 Ep. 14

Beyond Curious with LCP: Reflections on LCP’s AI journey to date

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This week we come full circle to speak to Tom Porter – LCP’s strategy director and our inaugural guest on Beyond Curious with LCP.

We pick up our conversation from episode 1 and explore how the AI landscape has changed over the last three months and also look forwards to what’s on the horizon.

We discuss:

  • Where is the frontier currently of the available AI toolkit?
  • Using AI for training and for idea generation.
  • Unlocking the potential of data through AI – with examples from LCP’s Health Analytics and Energy practices.
  • Evaluating the safety of AI use cases – ensuring your governance approach allows for the nimble adoption of new developments.
  • How Copilot will inevitably lead to more widespread adoption of AI over the coming months.

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