Andy Bradley

Andy Bradley

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I am a partner in our energy team, LCP Delta, having previously led Delta-EE which became part of LCP in April 2022. I have over 30 years’ experience in the downstream energy sector working with industry, manufacturers, policy makers and investors.

I moved into the energy transition space in 2010 when I became a director of Delta-EE.  I saw opportunities to help build a ‘new energy’ industry that would enable our energy system to move away from the centralised and fossil-based models of the 20th century.  I wanted to be part of the solution to the climate crisis, not part of the problem.   At Delta-EE we have worked with many of the leading innovators in Europe and Japan, helping them to develop their businesses and launch successful propositions for their customers, and thereby accelerating the energy transition.

More recently I have come to realise that my personal ‘net zero’ is 2030.  I was in the ‘old energy’ world for 20 years, and by 2030 I will spent the same time in the ‘new energy’ world – so by then I’ll start to be in credit over my career.  I’m looking forward to reaching that milestone!

My role in LCP Delta is primarily a client facing one, including account management, product development and commercial strategy.  I am always particularly interested in hearing what we are doing well and what we could be doing better, and what our customers are finding difficult, or will find helpful if we started doing next.  The energy transition is still in its early stages and LCP Delta’s goal is to help our clients succeed all the way through to 2040 and beyond.