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David Salter

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I am a member of LCP’s pension risk transfer team, and have been involved in over 25 transactions over the past 10 years. I have worked on transactions of all sizes, from the largest phased buy-in to buy-out for the Philips Pension Fund and the full buy-in for the Post Office Section of the Royal Mail Pension Plan, down to a £2m buy-out through LCP’s Streamline Service. I help Trustees see their objectives and find a route through to meeting those objectives. For example, in 2019, I led the full buy-in for the Dresdner Kleinwort Pension Plan, including designing a process to help secure complex benefits within the insurance market.

I also act as Scheme Actuary advising trustees on a range of issues, with a focus on helping schemes reach their ultimate long-term aim. I am also a member of LCP’s GMP equalisation team, and have recently advised on a completed GMP conversion exercise.

David and the team at LCP showed a high level of creative thinking in designing a structure combining the member choice programme with the insurance transaction. It shows that, even for schemes with unusual features, a carefully designed process working in tandem with the insurance market can create good results for all parties.

David Curtis, LawDebenture, Chair of the DKPP

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