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S2 Ep.7 Business as a force for good with Simon Rogerson

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For this last episode in season 2, LCP’s Victoria Snowden is joined by LCP CEO, Aaron Punwani to talk with Simon Rogerson, Group CEO of Octopus Group, which in 20 years has gone from start-up to a household name providing energy, investments and more.

In an energetic interview, Simon recounts the journey of Octopus group from ambitious start-up to significant enterprise, and the challenges that this journey has brought. Simon’s passion for his role as a guardian of the company’s culture as the organisation grows becomes apparent, and his strong desire to encourage his team to try new things, not be ashamed to fail, and to use their imagination no matter what level they are in the organisation.

The episode is our first with two CEOs, and the overlap in ideas (despite quite different businesses) adds an interesting dynamic. The episode covers:

  • Being an entrepreneur and the journey to growth

  • Innovation, fear of failure and the culture of entrepreneurship

  • “You’ll be way better to us to have tried and failed than not have tried at all"

  • The reason why business should be a force for good, as much as governments can be

  • “If you’re not trying new things then you’re not developing quickly enough”

  • The impact of your brand becoming a household name 

  • Making your business move faster as it grows in size

  • Creating a culture where people are not afraid to use their imagination

  • Hiring radiators instead of drains

  • Getting distribution right

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