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How to get insurers to quote on your small scheme

With the recent rise in gilt yields, many schemes are finding buy-out is now affordable.

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This event took place in the past.


This has caused a surge in demand for bulk annuity insurance. We believe buy-in and buy-out volumes in 2023 will reach a new record - with this demand continuing for many years to come.  

We are already seeing some insurers become increasingly more selective at the smaller end of the market and so there are real challenges for small schemes (less than £200m). It is therefore more important than ever to prepare early and engage effectively with insurers to get their interest in quoting competitively for your scheme.

In this on-demand webinar, LCP experts David Stewart and Catherine Hopper are joined by Toby Holmes of Aviva. They discuss:

  • The options available for small schemes. 
  • Key concerns from the insurers and how these can be addressed.
  • Practical steps your scheme can take to maximise insurer engagement.
  • Why illiquid assets and GMP equalisation shouldn’t delay your buy-in or buy-out. 

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