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S5 Ep. 2

Investment Uncut: Dynamic demographics with Amlan Roy

Investment Demographics

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We also recognise that October is Black History Month in the UK – if you’re looking for informative listening to support this year’s conversations, we can recommend our episodes with Gavin Lewis and Mamawa Turay. Gavin discussed his book, The Opportunity Index, in the summer of 2023; and Mamawa gave us insights on micro aggressions – what they are, tools to avoid and why it’s important to speak up.

We discuss:

  • Highlights from Amlan’s published book, Demographics Unravelled

  • Why demographics should matter to all investors

  • The misconceptions around demographics, namely:

    • That it is just about age

    • That it only impacts the economy in the long term

    • That demographic trends are predictable

    • ….and why these are too narrow a viewpoint

  • How demographics affect various macroeconomic factors, such as productivity, GDP growth, inflation and more

  • How demographics affect supply and demand dynamics, and what this means for investment markets and asset pricing

  • Some of the key demographic trends we are likely to see

  • The opportunities that demographics pose – such as utilising more women in the workforce  

What’s one thing you would like listeners to take away from this?

Demographics requires careful attention in conjunction with other disciplines such as finance, economics, actuarial science, history and more!

Any recommendations for good books or podcasts: