How will trading
in GB be different this winter?




With potentially tight margins ahead, a European market changing rapidly and NGESO introducing new tools at its disposal, this winter is looking unlike any in the past.

Joined by a member of the NGESO Control Room, we drill into the specifics of how NGESO will balance this winter and how a trader will successfully navigate the market.

Watch our on-demand webinar to understand:

  • The order of actions that NGESO will take
  • The impact of the new services, including the Demand Flexibility Service and the Coal Contingency Contracts
  • What an emergency scenario looks like
  • How tight days in the past have played out


Rajiv Gogna, Head of Technology and Data at LCP Delta
Shivam Malhotra, Enact Team Lead at LCP Delta
Hannah Kernthaler, Short Term Operability Manager at NGESO


1 hours (including Q&A)

Watch here