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Charl Cronje


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I help insurers gain a competitive edge by better understanding and managing their risks and liabilities.

My clients include insurers and reinsurers, Lloyd's syndicates, public sector bodies, brokers and auditors. I advise clients on reserving, capital, risk management, regulatory compliance, pricing, reinsurance and getting greater value from data.

I enjoy tackling new and unfamiliar problems, and finding better ways of solving the old ones.

Recent projects have included an internal model validation review for a large insurance group, independent reserve review for a leading UK motor insurer, Statements of Actuarial Opinion for a number of Lloyd's syndicates and projection of cash flow requirements for a large public sector body with insurance liabilities.

I'm proud of our team at LCP - real experts who can communicate well and are a pleasure to work with. We try to keep things simple: understanding our clients' problems and solving them reliably and effectively.

I am one of LCP's AI experts - discover our latest thinking on today’s evolving AI landscape here. I am also one of LCP’s spokespeople - you can contact me directly on +44 (0)20 7432 6751. 

Charl is always pragmatic, professional and has great communication skills.

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We work with insurers to help them better understand and manage the risks they face and their capital requirements.

We help organisations to unlock business value from their Solvency II processes.

LCP InsurSight is an analytics and automated trend identification tool for general insurance companies.

We provide an alternative, external view on the best estimate level of reserves for insurers and also help them understand the key drivers of variability around that best estimate.

We help insurers make better decisions by giving them a deeper understanding of their risks. We do this by providing flexible, intuitive tools that use machine learning to automate and assist actuarial work. 

We help our insurance clients to develop strong links between their strategy, capital management and risk management processes, improving their chances of business success.

The key to a successful Part VII transfer are careful planning and clear communication.

We help our clients identify technological and data led solutions to solve the issues they face. From risk modelling for pension clients to providing insight to the energy market, we use the latest cutting-edge technology to help clients make better and more informed business decisions.

Our business-focused approach to validation can help you be confident that your insurance models are robust, and that you are meeting regulatory requirements.