How is the role of
the battery storage trader changing?

Our viewpoint

The outlook for battery storage continues to look very promising.

High volatility, sustained ancillary prices and the continued build out of renewables infrastructure continues to strengthen the case for investing in storage facilities. These market conditions present significant revenue opportunities for traders, but successfully optimising storage assets is highly challenging.

In this on-demand webinar, you will gain a comprehensive insight at all levels of the value chain, in particular, the importance of revenue stacking with best practice co-location and duration strategies. We look at the market from 3 perspectives:

  • The analyst: What patterns have emerged around the market volatility experienced today? How can battery storage assets be maximised for revenue generation? How is the competitive landscape changing and how do you monitor performance?
  • The optimiser: How has the role of a trader changed since the onset of battery storage technology development? Hear case studies of example days and how these assets are traded.
  • The trading software provider: How do systems need to evolve to meet the new demands for trading these assets? What are the differences between trading large thermal assets and supporting dynamic assets today?

Chris Regan, Business Lead, Short-Term Power Trading, Brady Technologies joins Rajiv Gogna, Lead Partner, LCP Enact, and Chris McLeod, Head of Trading, Habitat Energy to discuss the evolving needs of traders.

Chaired by Louise Dalton, Partner, CMS, the panel discussion covers a range of topics on the outlook for battery storage this winter and beyond. 

This webinar is relevant for power traders, battery storage asset owners, developers, generators, lenders, private equity, infrastructure funds, and other senior professionals in the energy power market.


1 hour (inc. Q&A)

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Has 2021 changed the outlook for battery storage investment?

Has 2021 changed the outlook for battery storage investment?

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