DC and financial wellbeing
conference 2023 highlights

Our viewpoint

Steadying the ship in challenging waters

At our DC and Financial Wellbeing conference this year, we focused on the key issues affecting DC pensions and savers, especially those due to the market turbulence of recent times.

We have compiled the recordings and slides of the sessions, so you can watch them easily on-demand below. Sessions include:

  • Chair opening remarks – Laura Myers, Head of DC and Financial Wellbeing and Partner, LCP

  • Will tomorrow’s pensioners look anything like today’s? – Sir Steve Webb, Partner, LCP

Steve's slides

  • Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors – Heidi Allan, Head of Financial Wellbeing, LCP

Heidi's slides

  • Where do members get help? Tik Tok comes to pensions – David Millar, Head of Communications Practice, LCP

David's slides

  • Five steps to better pensions: time for a new consensus – Emma Douglas, Director of Workplace Savings, Aviva, and Nigel Peaple, Director of Policy and Advocacy, PLSA

PLSA slides

  • Debate – This house believes that the implementation of a Value for Money Framework will be the best thing that has ever happened for DC members – Anna Copestake, Partner, Arc Pensions Law; Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames, Independent Trustee; Lydia Fearn, Partner, LCP and George Currie, Senior Consultant, LCP

Debate slides

We hope you enjoy watching the sessions again, or for the first time. Please do reach out to our experts, or your usual LCP contact if you’d like to hear more about any of the topics covered.

Employee Wellbeing – Supporting good financial futures

Employee Wellbeing – Supporting good financial futures

LCP’s financial wellbeing research is in its fourth year and is highlighting some interesting trends. These include rising levels of stress and anxiety, growing concern around everyday money management, and an increase in those feeling a lack of control about their financial future.

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