Beat the triage:
How to get your scheme prioritised in insurer triage processes


Mention triage and it traditionally conjures up visions of doctors prioritising emergencies in a hospital, but in 2023 triage processes will also be front and centre in the bulk annuity market.

In a bulk annuity context, a triage refers to the process where insurers rank quotation requests received from pension schemes and decide which to provide pricing and terms for.

As our October 2022 report illustrated, demand for bulk annuities is set to skyrocket over 2023-2025 and so schemes will need to work hard to make themselves attractive and “beat the triage”, thereby securing capacity from insurer pricing and new business teams to provide a buy-in/buy-out quote.

Read our latest update, find out what really matters to the insurers, the issues they are facing, and the key preparation steps to take when approaching the market.

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What's inside

  • What the insurers say really matters when triaging new transaction opportunities
  • What a well-prepared scheme looks like
  • Three insurer triage questions and practical hints and tips for answering them

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