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LCP launches new podcast bringing a fresh take on innovations and trends shaping the business world, starting with AI

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Consulting firm LCP has this week launched a new podcast series – ‘Beyond Curious with LCP’ - to help organisations explore the big questions of tomorrow.

Season 1 of the podcast kicks off with a series focussed on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting and transforming the world, with topics spanning from the psychology of AI to how it will revolutionise healthcare.

LCP’s Charl Cronje, Laura Amin, Mary Spencer and Jessica Clark will feature as hosts, with guests including industry leaders and LCP experts. “Beyond Curious with LCP” joins LCP’s successful suite of existing podcasts including, Investment Uncut, Insurance Uncut and Talking New Energy. Episode 1 features Tom Porter, LCP’s Strategy Director, discussing how CEOs can embrace AI and ensure that their organisations stay competitive and relevant. Tom gives his ‘top tips’ to encourage all levels in the organisation to embrace AI – from the CEO to the newest starter.

Charl Cronje, LCP partner and podcast host, said “The latest advances in AI create huge opportunities but we need wisdom and engagement to embrace these effectively. There are also potential challenges that we all need to be aware of. Internally, we are having our own conversations about how this might impact LCP and the future of business. At LCP we want to take you on the journey with us, giving you practical insights to help ensure your organisation can embrace AI vigorously but wisely, to ensure that you thrive in the new era.”

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Note to editors: “Beyond Curious with LCP” is out now on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple and Google Podcasts

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