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S1 Ep. 10

Beyond Curious with LCP: How can AI improve investment outcomes


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The first Beyond Curious season kicks off with AI, addressing the opportunities and challenges transforming the way we do business day-to-day. Each week we are joined by guests both within and outside of LCP to discuss a range of topics, from the psychology of AI to how AI will revolutionise healthcare.

On this episode of Beyond Curious with LCP, hosts Laura Amin and Charl Cronje talk to Tom Porter about how CEOs can embrace AI and ensure that their organisations stay competitive and relevant.

Tom is LCP’s Strategy Director and is leading our journey to embrace AI effectively across the firm.  

We discuss:

  • Why your approach to generative AI will need to differ from that taken for other technological developments
  • AI-powered augmentation versus automation
  • How you can help your people enhance their careers with AI.

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