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S1 Ep. 11

Beyond Curious with LCP: How can AI support better retirement journeys?

Pensions & benefits AI

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This week we’re delighted to be joined by Alex Waite, a Partner at LCP who advises employers on pensions strategy and also leads LCP’s pensions member communications team. Alex’s journey with AI dates back over twenty years! 

We discuss with Alex how AI can be harnessed to enhance individuals’ retirement journeys and what trustees, providers and advisers should do to realise this potential.

We discuss:

  • How AI can help individuals to make strong decisions around saving for retirement – tools that can be used and the role for the sponsor in providing access to these.
  • AI-enhanced pensions communications – why tailored nudges work.
  • How AI can be used by trustees and providers to enhance pension scheme governance and for more insightful and informed decision making.
  • How advisers are using AI and why tailored advice to each individual on a Board will be the future.
  • What members, trustees and sponsors should be doing now to ensure they are ready to harness the potential of AI.

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