Annual DB pensions
conference 2023



The British Film Institute, London

New horizons: The future of pensions in an ever-evolving world

We are excited to announce the details for this year’s annual DB pensions conference where we will be looking at the changing world of pensions and exploring new horizons.

This conference will be of interest to trustees, sponsors and pensions managers of DB pension schemes.

This year we will open with two breakout sessions exploring the new funding regime and regulatory environment.


  • Arrival and registration – 10.15am 
  • Two breakout sessions exploring the new funding regime (please preselect which one you will attend) – 11am-12pm 
  • Lunch - 12pm-1pm 
  • Main conference – 1pm-5pm (including a tea and coffee break) 
  • Drinks and street food – 5pm - 10pm 


BFI Southbank Belvedere Road South Bank London SE1 8XT MAP

Please ensure you use the entrance on Theatre avenue


The full agenda can be found here.

There are two breakout sessions to choose from:

B1. Future of DB funding – latest developments and implications through a trustee lens

11am - 12pm

A session which will explore the implications and developments of the new funding regime. Guests will have the opportunity to have a discussion on the challenges of the new regime with David Fairs, formerly of the Pensions Regulator, and a selection of our other experts. This session will be geared towards trustees but open to all.

B2. Innovative approaches to funding - new ways of thinking for scheme sponsors

11am – 12pm

This session will be focused on the new funding regime from the sponsor perspective. Our experts will lead a discussion exploring new approaches to funding and ways of thinking about covenant in the new regulatory environment. Although we will be looking predominately at the sponsor point of view this session will be open to all who are interested.    

Lunch: 12-1pm

Main Conference: 1pm – 5pm

We will reflect on how we can both make the most of the current system and also explore what innovations and possibilities there are to change the way we look at pensions. Our speakers will share their insights about what the future of pensions and long-term saving look like for existing DB schemes in the context of an ever-changing landscape.

Highlights will be around challenging groupthink, rethinking investment and alternative approaches to scheme endgames, along with the latest on the de-risking market and best practice on pension scheme management.

Conference close – 5pm

Join us for drinks and street food in the Riverfront rooms 5pm - 9.30pm

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