Clinical Pharmacology and Genetics Expert Dr Dipender Gill joins LCP’s Health Analytics team

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Dr Dipender Gill has joined LCP’s growing Health Analytics team as the Integrated Omics Lead and a Principal. Dr Gill is a Clinical Pharmacologist with substantive drug development expertise across academia and the pharmaceutical sector. His appointment to lead the new Integrated Omics offering will expand the Health Analytics service into Research and Development by leveraging large-scale omics data and cutting-edge analytical techniques to improve the speed and cost-efficiency of drug development.  

Dr Gill joins LCP from Novo Nordisk, where he was a Principal Portfolio Scientist and responsible for optimising the integration of human-centric evidence across the Research and Early Development portfolio. He is a leading authority on the applications of human genetic data to unravel disease mechanisms and inform drug development. Dipender is a Clinical Pharmacology and General Internal Medicine specialist with more than ten years of NHS hospital experience. He is also an honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London, with more than 200 peer-reviewed publications.    

LCP’s Integrated Omics work will provide insights across the medicine life cycle through several service offerings. These will include leveraging large-scale genomics data to provide drug target evaluations across the pharmaceutical and investment sectors, integrating genomics with broader omics data to uncover disease biology towards identifying novel therapeutic targets, and working with the Health Analytics’ Market Access offering to triangulate causal inferences drawn from human genetic data with real-world evidence and health economics analyses.  

Dr Héléne Cronjé and Dr Loukas Zagkos are also joining as Consultants in the Health Analytics team. Héléne joins from the University of Copenhagen with expertise in proteomics, metabolomics and epidemiology. She is an expert in analysing and interpreting omics data for clinical translation and has vast experience in optimising study design and science communication. Loukas joins from Imperial College London with expertise in genetic and molecular epidemiology. His work focuses on applying statistical methodologies for analysing large-scale genetic association data through generating and automating complex bioinformatic pipelines.  

Dr Dipender Gill commented, “I am excited to join LCP’s Health Analytics team to lead the new Integrated Omics offer and support clients across the pharmaceutical and investment sectors. LCP has quickly developed an outstanding reputation for their mission-based approach of developing equitable solutions to the greatest health challenges of today. I look forward to adding further to this through providing valuable insights to our clients across research and development towards enabling more timely and cost-effective development of new medicines.”  

Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Head of LCP’s Health Analytics team, added: “I am delighted to welcome Dipender to the Health Analytics team at LCP. Dipender’s impressive track record of leveraging genomic data to identify disease processes and novel drug targets provides LCP with a unique opportunity to lead the sector from drug discovery to delivery of population health. The exciting new Integrated Omics offer that Dipender will lead will enable innovative medicines to reach patients quicker and more equitably – speaking to our team’s core mission of improving the population’s health and reducing inequalities.” 

Tom Porter, LCP’s Strategy Director, added: “Dipender’s appointment creates a new opportunity to bring together his, Héléne and Loukas’s deep expertise with LCP’s technology capabilities to offer brand new solutions. These new services will allow our Health Analytics team to deliver on our ultimate aim of improving health outcomes while also supporting LCP’s drive to lead innovation in the areas we support.” 

LCP’s Health Analytics team works across the life-science sector and wider healthcare system and brings clarity to decision-makers in a world where health and the demand for healthcare are becoming increasingly complex. Through tackling the greatest challenges facing health systems, from ageing populations and multimorbidity to the opportunities of new medicines and technologies, the team aim to help shift health systems from importers of illness to exporters of health. The team workS with a range of clients across life sciences and the public sector and recently published work quantifying the societal insurance value of developing novel antimicrobials.  

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