Curious with LCP on the road - PLSA the final day

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Recorded live at the annual Pension and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) conference in Manchester! 

We cover the third and final day of the PLSA conference, and we had such great conversations that we had to split the episode into two parts! 

In part one, we talk to LCP’s Clive Wellsteed and John Towner of Legal and General, Richard Law Deeks of Royal Mail Pension Plan, and Lizzy Holliday of NOW: Pensions.

We also sit down with LCP’s Michelle Wright to talk about the forthcoming launch of LCP, our new tool which will harness the power of AI to deliver deeper scheme insights and better member outcomes, and which should be ready for clients to use next year.

In part two, we chat to Helen Miles of NHS Pensions Board and Louise Davey of TPR.

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