Season 5 Episode 5:
COP 28 and the important role of investors

Our viewpoint

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This episode of Investment Uncut comes out the day before COP 28 (the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference) takes place in Dubai. With a “stock take” focus, this event could set the tone for the level of climate action we can expect from industries and governments alike over the coming years.

In this episode, Mary Spencer and Laasya Shekaran are joined by two guests: Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors (who first attended COP back in 2000, for COP 6!) and LCP Partner Mark Watts, who leads some of our innovative work combining expertise from our energy business LCP Delta with our Investment team to help investors find the right investment opportunities to support the energy transition, whilst delivering attractive returns.

We discuss:

  • What the landscape could look like if climate change is not mitigated (short answer: devastating)
  • Opportunities that investors have in actions they can take to mitigate this scenario – by investing in the energy transition and using their influence to engage with policymakers on this issue
  • The importance of the just transition, and the need to think about how climate change impacts society – both unmitigated and mitigated    
  • With Steve, we go into more detail on what to look out for at COP 28, and break down the term ‘systemic stewardship’
  • And with Mark we talk more about the opportunities in the energy transition space for investors….and why not all sectors are created equally!

What’s one thing you would like listeners to take away from this?

  • Steve: We need structural integration of issues like climate change into long-term market analysis to protect the integrity of markets
  • Mark: A successful transition could see all investors benefitting from the energy transition, holding assets that deliver great returns alongside great outcomes for the planet

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