LCP’s predictions
for the pension risk transfer market in 2024

Our viewpoint

Charlie Finch , Imogen Cothay and Ruth Ward, alongside LCP’s pension risk transfer team, have considered what might lie ahead for the de-risking market in 2024.

Here, they share their predictions for 2024 and discuss how these might impact schemes that are considering insurance through a buy-in, buy-out or longevity swap, or a wider risk transfer option such as a superfund transfer.

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LCP’s top predictions for the buy-in, buy-out and longevity swap market in 2024:

  1. Volumes of buy-ins/outs will set (yet another) record of £50bn+, driven by higher numbers of £1bn+ deals
  2. Pricing may harden, but attractive opportunities will still be available
  3. Significant investment in the UK buy-in/out market with two new entrants
  4. Greater focus on run-on, superfunds and alternatives to buy-out
  5. More exclusive sole insurer processes