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Commenting, Stephen Davies, Managing Partner at LCP, said: “All our new partners have demonstrated exceptional levels of service across a wide range of service areas, helping navigate clients through particularly tough times. We are delighted to welcome them to the partnership and look forward to what their passion and dynamism can bring to the firm as we continue to grow and develop.” 

Two of our partners promoted are in LCP’s Covenant team, which has grown in size and stature as a result of the impact of Covid-19 struck and the changes coming in the Pension Schemes Act 2021 and the funding code. They are:  

Helen Abbott joined LCP in 2020 from the Pensions Regulator (TPR) where she was Lead Business Analyst. She has extensive experience of providing advisory support to trustees and employers, and has an in depth knowledge of regulatory issues. She sits on LCP’s Contingent Funding Options team, researching the developing market in this area to understand where opportunities may exist for our clients. 

Fran Bailey joined LCP in 2017 and specialises in providing her trustee and sponsor clients with covenant, pensions strategy and integrated risk advice. She sits on LCP’s Pension Scheme Risk Management Group and Cross-Specialist Climate Change Group, helping develop LCP’s approach to integrating covenant considerations into wider pension scheme risk advice for our clients. Fran is also the Co- Chair and Founder of LCP’s LGBT+ Network. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2015 and has a combined MSc in Actuarial Science and Corporate Finance. 

Other new partners are:  

Sophie Carter joined LCP in 2018 having previously been an equity fund manager. She is a member of LCP’s Investment team where she provides clients with advice around a number of investment issues such as strategy, manager selections and investment performance monitoring. Sophie currently works with some of LCP’s highest profile and most complex clients. She is a lead researcher in LCP’s  Equity Research team and holds the ASIP qualification. 

Alan Casey has been with LCP for over 20 years and is in LCP’s Pensions Administration team. He manages teams that deliver day-to-day administration to a portfolio of clients, leads the GMP Reconciliation and data team and has been a Trustee Secretary to a number of LCP's clients. He also works with the Pensions Administrations Standards Association (PASA) helping them produce guidance to the industry on GMP reconciliation and rectification.  

Ed Dixon joined LCP in 2006. His work for DB and DC clients involves dealing with a wide range of investment issues, including investment strategy, provider selection, asset transfers and investment monitoring. His role is focussed on providing investment advice, but he also has extensive governance knowledge and experience and helped develop LCP’s chair’s statement materials. In addition to client work, he is the head of LCP’s asset transfer team, and leads the development of LCP’s processes around moving client money, in order to reduce risks and improve outcomes for clients. 

Tim Gilbert sits in LCP’s Actuarial team and is member of the social housing team. He is a qualified actuary in and has extensive experience of advising employers on their social housing pension scheme exposure, including advising on the only external transfer from the Social Housing Pension Scheme. He works with a wide range of both trustee and corporate clients, advising them on all aspects of their pension arrangements, including funding strategy, liability management options and pension scheme accounting.  

Geoff Hall joined LCP in 2003 and sits in the firm’s Pensions Administration team. He is experienced in managing a variety of pension schemes and guides new clients through the transition to LCP from other administrators. He leads a team that develops market-leading technology to enhance our services for members and trustees, including access to interactive benefit modelling and real-time administration reporting all at their fingertips. 

Andrew Jacobson is in LCP’s Investment team where he leads the Real Assets research team, which focuses on finding attractive investment opportunities in property and infrastructure for pension schemes, charities and other institutional investors. He also helps clients find ways to implement their investment strategies more efficiently, including approaches that can reduce governance or costs associated with asset transfers or new manager appointments.     

Holly McArthur is in LCP’s Actuarial team where she helps a wide range of trustee and corporate clients on areas including pensions accounting disclosures, funding negotiations and other strategic issues including being a specialist in our GMP equalisation team. She puts a strong focus on helping her clients understand pensions issues in plain English allowing her clients to come up with a plan for moving forward. In addition, Holly is involved with our ‘LCP Professional Trustee Programme’ which works closely with key independent trustees across a large number of firms helping maintain and grow our relationships ensuring we align new and existing mutual opportunities, strategy and business needs. 

Holly Moffat is in LCP’s Actuarial team and provides advice to a range of trustee and corporate clients on all aspects of their pension arrangements. This includes funding negotiations, accounting disclosures, general pensions duties and one-off projects. 

James Moore joined LCP’s Investment team in 2015. He is a qualified actuary with over 17 years' industry experience and has worked in a wide range of pensions consulting businesses including large global and smaller boutique firms.  James has significant experience working with and advising pension scheme Trustees and sponsors and currently looks after some of LCP's highest profile and complex clients. Able to work through small details and see the big picture, James prides himself on unravelling complex issues to provide clear and practical advice.  

Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard heads up LCP’s Health Analytics team and is also a Public Health Doctor and Epidemiologist at Imperial College London. He is an expert in trends in chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. He leads a team that provides analytical and technology solutions to help decision makers across health better understand data. He has developed LCP’s Covid tracker which tracks pandemic trends and worked with the ONS to develop the Health Index Explorer. 

Matt Potter is in LCP’s Pensions Administration team and joined the firm over 20 years ago. He leads the team’s controls and procedures group, ensuring that robust procedures are in place helping LCP maintain the highest standards of pensions administration. He also leads the team’s training and development group who provide training to staff covering technical and legislative issues, administration best practice, soft skills and systems training. He has worked on a wide range of clients with varying and often complex pension scheme structures. He was also part of the project team that helped LCP achieve PASA’s gold standard accreditation last year.  

Andy Thompson is in LCP’s Actuarial team and has been a qualified actuary for over a decade, advising a range of trustee and corporate clients on all aspects of their pension arrangements, including actions to mitigate PPF levies, closing DB schemes to future benefit accrual, pensions accounting disclosures and advising independent schools on participation of the Teachers Pension Scheme. He heads up one of LCP’s pension actuarial teams and is one of LCP’s climate change scenario specialists. 

Dave Wilcock joined LCP’s Pensions Administration team in 2006 and has over 15 years’ experience in the field. Dave manages LCP’s implementation team, guiding trustees through the process of transitioning administration services to LCP. He also leads LCP’s Benefit Calculation Review service, combining thorough analytical skills with a focus on robust processes to help trustees assess the accuracy of the benefit calculations performed by their administrators.  

Award-winning advice

Award-winning advice

LCP were recently named as Best Pensions Adviser of the Year at the Corporate Adviser Awards. We were named Investment Consultant of the year at the Pension and Investment Provider Awards and scooped the Investment Consultant and Actuarial Consultancy of the year awards at the UK Pensions Awards.

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