DC Update
May 2022

Our viewpoint

Welcome to our latest quarterly DC update.

Inside you will find LCP's views on key developments in the DC arena over the last three months, together with actions to help you going forward.

In this edition we focus on:

  • Policy developments including the Royal Assent for the Finance Bill, TPR's new guidance to trustees on Ukraine conflict and new DWP consultations.
  • Responsible investment and climate change updates including what you need to know about TCFD reporting, TPR's step-by-step guide to compliance and climate risk and the draft TNFD has released a beta version of its framework. 
  • A spotlight on our 2022 financial wellbeing report
  • LCP Insights – a round up of our latest insights, blogs and events.
  • And don't forget to sign up to our DC and financial wellbeing conference on Tuesday 10 May. 

If you have any questions about any of the content in this update, please contact one of our DC team.

Read the update here

DC and Financial Wellbeing Conference 2023

DC and Financial Wellbeing Conference 2023

Steadying the ship in challenging waters

Please join us on Wednesday 17 May at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for our in-person DC & Financial Wellbeing conference.

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