Accounting for
share plans in a corporate transaction

Case studies

The background

Our client, a diversified global mining group with a broad range of employee share incentives needed specialist help with projecting future share plan costs for its US-based subsidiary.  The work was needed as part of an M&A transaction so the timescales were challenging.

Our solution

We put in place a team with experience in US GAAP reporting for employee share plans and in M&A transactions, with the resources to prepare results quickly. We worked with the M&A team to prepare proforma US accounting results and scenario analyses all within their short timeframe.    

The results

Our client’s US management team were able to quickly understand the implications of the share options, how they impacted on their business projections and ensure the US-based auditors could sign off the proforma accounts for presentation to the market.

Working with us

In this video, some of our clients share their experiences of working with us. Find out more about our client promise here.

Valuation of employee share plans and application of accounting standards can be complex. We advise clientsaccording to their needs, from advising on models and assumptions for in-house valuations, to developing bespoke financial models to value complex share options and everything in-between.

We help companies navigate through the complexity of pensions provision.