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Market volatility, increasing audit pressures, and a growing gap between the accounting and funding yardsticks have all made managing pensions accounting figures much harder for CFOs, Financial Controllers and Company Treasurers.

We work with you and your finance team to ensure that your ongoing statutory duties and compliance exercises are done quickly, efficiently and accurately so you can focus your time and resources on the things that will benefit your business the most. 

How we can help

  • We help our clients understand and take decisions on the range of assumptions, where these sit relative to the wider market and key competitors, and the corresponding impact on balance sheets and P&L 
  • We work with finance teams ahead of the year-end to ensure there are no surprises and to pre-empt what auditors will wish to see 
  • We calculate and consolidate all the required figures under each accounting standard, and provide an efficient, hassle-free, value-added approach to your accounting processes 

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How we can help

We are market leaders at each stage of de-risking, including journey planning, investment strategy, transactional services and wind up.

Contingent funding approaches are rapidly becoming more widespread. They can be a great way to protect member benefits as well as the shareholders and other creditors of the sponsoring employer.

We help sponsors of pension schemes understand and manage the costs and risks associated with supporting their current and legacy pension schemes as well as other employee benefits.

Whether to enter a DB Consolidator is a complex decision. Sponsors and Trustees must be sure it is the right decision for their scheme and its members. We can help.

We help companies effectively manage their retirement plans across the world, including local defined benefit and defined contribution arrangements as well as global plans for expatriates.

Liability management exercises can be an effective way for pension scheme sponsors to manage costs and risks, whilst also providing valuable options and information to pension scheme members.

We provide expert practical advice on the pensions issues involved when buying or selling businesses.

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