DC and Financial
Wellbeing conference 2022 magazine


"Walking in their shoes"

As we walk in their shoes, the sessions are designed to help us take a look at the saving journey from members' and employees' perspectives, by considering the questions and concerns that are on their mind right now.

LCP's hybrid DC and Financial Wellbeing conference takes a look at the saving journey from your members' and employees' perspectives.

More than 250 attendees joined us either virtually or in person to enjoy live sessions from our experts who covered a wide range of topics from from inflation, net zero communications and financial wellbeing, to the future of DC pensions.

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Inside our conference magazine:

  • Video sessions from the day for you to enjoy on-demand or share with a colleague 
  • David Miller discusses how you should be communicating to your members during difficult times
  • Rachika Cooray explores The Pensions Regulator's new Single Code of Practice which will apply to all scheme types 
  • Nigel Dunn explains how Master Trusts can take different approaches to designing their default strategies taking on different characteristics 
  • Heidi Allan highlights the key takeaways from LCP's latest Financial Wellbeing survey 

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