How do I chart my
own course?

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Explore, navigate, accomplish. But explore where, navigate how and accomplish what?

Our recent report shows that in today’s changing pensions landscape, trustee boards remain focused and that setting and updating long-term funding target frameworks remain a top priority.

However, there are a multitude of issues competing for trustees' attention: GMP equalisation, understanding the implications of the Pensions Schemes Act 2021, reacting to climate change requirements, putting in place an effective system of governance and the Own Risk Assessment - the list goes on! And schemes are in their own unique situations. 

Our on-demand webinar draws out highlights from our report and focuses on how to address these challenges, whilst not losing sight of your overall strategic objectives.

Hear from some of the authors as they bring the report to life with some real-life case studies and outline practical ways to navigate the challenges your scheme faces.

This session is aimed at trustees including independent trustees.


45 mins (inc Q&A)

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Chart your own course

Chart your own course

A tale of two journeys

In this report, we address the issues that pension schemes are facing today, provide tips on how to overcome them and prioritise different steps depending on your scheme’s position.

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