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We help charities focus on what really matters to them by making pensions simple. We clearly explain complex issues to help manage their pensions costs and risks, and provide value-for-money pensions to their employees as an important part of the overall remuneration package.  

Charities are different to corporate entities; not only are they not managed to generate a profit but their governance, legal and regulatory environment differs in significant ways.  The charity sector is incredibly diverse and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing charity pension schemes.

Funding a defined benefit pension scheme for charities is a delicate balance between the need to use charitable funds for the charity’s purpose and the requirement to fund pension liabilities adequately.  We recognise the difficulties that this can create, and are experienced in developing solutions that can work for all parties.

Whether you have employees in multi-employer arrangements (such as The Growth Plan, other schemes offered by TPT Retirement Solutions, or the Local Government Pension Schemes), or your own scheme (including standalone schemes within TPT Retirement Solutions), or any combination of these, we can help manage pensions risks and get better value for money.

Our team is experienced in helping charities of all sizes to plan and implement pension change.  You will have access to our in-depth knowledge of pensions in the third sector which we have accumulated by advising over 50 charity and not-for profit clients on pension issues in the last 20 years.  

We are regular speakers at Charity Finance Group conferences, and  explain complex issues in a straightforward and clear way that is tailored to your particular circumstances, enabling you to understand the issues and make well-informed decisions to arrive at the best solution.

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Pension Schemes Act

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How we can help

We have the skills and knowledge to help you consider the pensions issues affecting your charity. With LCP, you will receive clear advice and recommendations from experts with experience of the issues that you face.

We can add value for you in the following ways:  

  • Advising you with a full understanding of the charity perspective
  • Expertise in defined benefit pensions
  • Expertise in the Growth Plan
  • Expertise in LGPS
  • Expertise in other TPT Schemes
  • Defined contribution specialists
  • Sector specific knowledge
  • Wider flexible benefit and reward
  • Employee consultation and implementation

If you offer a DB or DC scheme for your staff, the range of options and alternatives now available has improved dramatically in recent years, particularly in the DC sector.  LCP has worked with many clients to attract improved terms for their DC members, with better functionality and improved member engagement, compared to many of the schemes that are still commonly used.  The goodwill that can be generated by ensuring that your members are part of a modern DC scheme cannot be under-estimated.

Throughout our appointment, as illustrated by the case studies below, we will provide our focussed, tailored and unbiased advice and you will benefit from our proven track record of delivering projects whilst controlling costs and providing value for money. 

Please contact a member of the team and we would be happy to discuss your current pension arrangements and how we can help.

Mike was brilliant at our Trustees meeting when presenting an important and complex topic. Hit all the right notes and enabled the Trustees to feel much more knowledgeable and reassured.

Rachel Rand, Strategic Director - Finance & Corporate Services at National Children’s Bureau (NCB)


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How we can help

We help charities and endowments construct investment strategies and pick the right investment funds to both meet their financial objectives and be aligned with their missions.

Our social housing team has the skills and knowledge to help you consider the pensions issues affecting your organisation. 

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