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Energy transition

Our client was seeking strategic support to develop new microgrid service offerings including software solutions, EV charging models and smart grid revenue.

The background

The client is focused on the development of microgrid solutions in both the domestic and C&I space. By working closely with DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and utilising a range of technologies such as solar PV, batteries, heat pumps and EV chargepoints at sites, significant efficiencies can be made which translate into financial benefit. The client largely operates as a start-up so it was crucial to ensure we were focused on sector opportunities areas that would bring the most value quickly.

The key questions

The client’s questions were:

  1. Should we develop an in-house software solution or partner with an organisation that can provide either a bespoke or off the shelf solution?
  2. What customer EV charging value streams will bring the most value – both in a residential and a commercial setting?
  3. What current and future policies will enable microgrids to benefit from smart grid revenue stacking?

Our solution

LCP Delta identified potential competitors and/or collaborators, regulatory insight and the status of the market across the three key areas. For the software platform we provided a list of companies already offering solutions and outlined the benefits and disadvantages of working with each one. We explained and assessed the different EV charging set-ups currently available as well as flagging likely future sources of revenue. On smart grids, we presented options on home energy management (HEM) and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) as business case options for the client. This helped them to further develop their different service offerings.

Our impact

As experts in a variety of different local energy business models, we were well placed to advise this client. We successfully leveraged our expertise on digitalisation, EV charging and the electricity networks to provide valuable insight across the microgrid value chain. Our strategic support to the client over their three key development areas provided a clear direction on how to derive the most value.

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