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Power markets

Net zero power market evolution

The global electricity landscape is changing dramatically.  

Rapid decarbonisation has introduced innovative support mechanisms for low carbon energy, capacity markets, and an expanded range of significant ancillary service markets. Traditional energy sources are now integrated alongside intermittent renewables, demand-side response, and storage technologies. Consequently, electricity market modelling must consistently evolve to keep up with this dynamic landscape. 

We are experts in power market modelling. From governments and regulators to investors and asset owners, we support stakeholders in understanding how power markets will evolve and what opportunities that will bring by using our suite of proprietary power market models. 

At LCP Delta, we are at the forefront of power market modelling. 

For over a decade, we have supported governments by providing them with long-term power market modelling capability, as well as providing key support to regulators and system operators in assessing the impact of policy and regulatory change.  

We also support lenders, investors and asset owners to make strategic decisions and assess the impact of policy on their investments across the UK, Ireland and Europe. We support with bankable market and revenue forecasting, revenue stacking potential, asset valuation, dispatch and site-design optimisation, auction bidding strategies and policy impact analysis. 

We support our clients in three key ways:

  • System modelling – to understand how power markets will evolve amidst a changing landscape of decarbonisation, decentralisation, policy and regulation.
  • Revenue forecasting and due diligence – we provide regular curves, bankable revenue forecasts at an asset-specific and portfolio level, and broader macro-economic analysis for transactions.
  • STOREcast – our market leading technology platform that allows users to configure their own storage assets and view the impact on revenue projections.

All our models are developed in house, allowing us to quickly capture market changes, from near-term reforms to wholesale, balancing and ancillary markets to longer-term effects such as the deployment of electric vehicles and smart infrastructure.

We also work closely with our colleagues across LCP Delta, including:

  • The power trading team – to ensure that our models truly reflect how markets work and how traders can access revenue at different time horizons. 
  • The power advisory team – to ensure the impact of policy and regulation is captured within our models, combining quantitative forecasts and macro-economic analysis.
  • Our networks and downstream teams – bringing together sector expertise from across LCP Delta to deliver consistent and detailed market scenarios and evaluate key non-energy costs for power market assets.

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