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STOREtrack visualises Europe’s most comprehensive dataset of energy storage projects, helping our clients keep their finger on the pulse of the European energy storage market, and identify specific opportunities. 

Everyone knows that storage is a big opportunity, and the market size is only set to grow. But which technologies present the greatest opportunity? Which geographies? Which market segments are too late, or too early? Who are the key players in each market, and do they tend to partner with other companies? There are too many opportunities to consider and these are the real questions that market players need to answer to focus their attention on the highest value opportunities.  
This is where STOREtrack comes in. 

How STOREtrack can help

STOREtrack enables users to identify and focus on the best opportunities for the European energy storage market, by helping them:

  • Identify the key players in each market and the role they play, including identifying financiers, developers, technology providers, operators, traders and owners.
  • Understand the competitive landscape and each company’s portfolio.
  • Identify assets that require financing or are likely to be available for sale in the near term.
  • Identify partnership opportunities for strategic market entry and expansion.

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Through LCP Delta’s European storage research service, we track over 4,000 energy storage projects across 29 European countries, including researching project specification, timelines and key stakeholders. 

STOREtrack surfaces this detailed dataset into an intuitive interface, allowing users to: 

  • Track aggregate trends in storage MW, MWh and duration across countries and technology types. 
  • Deep dive into specific projects and identify owners, optimisers, financiers, grid connections and planning status. 
  • Map the competitive landscape through project portfolios; existing, under construction and planned projects; project roles and business development opportunities.  
  • Answer pre-defined, business critical questions such as “which assets are being built that do not yet have an optimiser”. 
  • Export aggregate data and graphics to support stakeholder engagement and fundraising.  
  • Explore the full spectrum of battery and non-battery technologies at various scales, from grid-scale to commercial, industrial and residential. 

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