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FLEXtrack allows you to assess the value of flexibility across 25 European markets, bringing analysis time from weeks to hours.

Unlocking flexibility is one of the greatest opportunities the energy transition is bringing to energy markets. Assets that are able to provide flexibility to increasingly volatile systems can be rewarded, but understanding which value streams to participate in, which geographies to enter, and the value of flexibility, is challenging. 

FLEXtrack is the platform to track and understand accessible value in European flexibility markets. 

How FLEXtrack can help

Unlocking the value of flexibility will be key to driving the energy transition forwards. Heat pumps, battery storage, EV charging infrastructure, energy management platforms and demand-side response can provide significant levels of flexibility to energy markets, and the revenue earned from these services can bolster the investment case, but right now it is difficult understanding the value streams available in each market. The data comes from different sources, at different granularities, with different acronyms, definitions and quality. 

FLEXtrack solves this problem. FLEXtrack does the hard work of sourcing the data, cleaning it and bringing it into an integrated data set, which can then be visualised and downloaded through the web-based interface. FLEXtrack integrates real-time ancillary services data across European markets, highlighting key trends and opportunities for flexibility providers. 

FLEXtrack allows users to: 

  • Track the volume requirements and clearing prices for various ancillary service markets across Europe.
  • Compare countries and value streams with ease.
  • Explore historical data and identify trends over time, such as within day volatility and seasonality.
  • Deep dive into specific countries or value streams to understand the value of flexibility and identify opportunities going forwards.

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